Brace(let) Yourselves! – D.I.Y

Recently, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. This sudden availability of schedule-free days resulted in 11 a.m mornings and a non-existent social life! On the plus side, however, I now had time to indulge in ‘projects’.

I had a bunch of stuff lying around – faux pearls, charms, lace – the works. Pretty soon I found myself running around the house, cutting things and making a general mess out of the whole place!

However, I was pretty pleased with the outcome – for someone with zero talent in the crafts department, I think I did a tremendous job in not threading my fingers together! Anyway, I found inspiration in trinkets and jewellery lying around my room, and here’s the result.

Silver-grey faux pearls strung through an elastic jewellery thread and coupled with a statement charm from Itsy Bitsy – I now have a new bracelet! It was quite easy to make, albeit it took a while to get the threading in place.

Another variant is the half-bracelet, as I like to call it – a set of two pearls alternated by a crystal bead, and completed using a jewellery chain. Well, this was an edit to the initial design; I kinda ran out of pearls!

An upside of this project is that it can be used as a handmade gifting item. Also, old jewellery can be recycled, and even up-cycled. In the case of the second bracelet, I used the chain off an old anklet that I had once bought, probably while I was blindfolded – it was hideous! Well at least now, it rests on something pleasing to the eye.