Bookmarked! – D.I.Y

Looks like the D.I.Y bug is here to stay a while, and I intend to exploit it. Bring out the glue guns!

I love books, and what better way to proclaim my love than by adorning them with some handmade bookmarks! They’re super easy to make, and some of them look quite pretty! All you need is some thick paper, a pair of scissors, a dollop of glue and your imagination.

I decided to use recycled handmade paper – there’s is just something about the texture of handmade paper that adds elegance to almost anything it is used for.

DIY Bookmarks
The first three in the series are made with black felt, lace and faux pearl embellishments. The lace was initially part of a lovely wedding invite that I did not have the heart to throw away; so I used the lace as a skirting for the bookmark! My favourite in the series is the one with the Monocled Man. For the monocle, I used a jewellery addition that I had purchased from Itsy Bitsy. I really did not (and still do not) know the utility of the addition, so I decided to use it as a monocle 🙂 Then, with the remaining bits of felt, I made the cow patterned bookmark – just shape them a bit and glue them on!

DIY Bookmarks

The next set is so simple to make that I’m a bit embarrassed to declare it, but I will anyway – fabric glue! I had a roll of gold ribbon lying around, just dying to be used – cut it, slather some fabric glue and paste it onto the paper aaaaand done! For added bling, I added a bronze faux pearl that had fallen out of a chain, as a charm. The silver bookmark was born from the wedding invite; just threw in a little satin bow, again from Itsy Bitsy, and voila!

DIY Bookmarks

The last set was a bit tricky to make, but once the cutting is done, it’s easy breezy. The leaf bookmark is made up of two sheets of paper glued together – the top sheet had tracings of leaf patterns which were then cut, pieces of coloured paper were placed under each shape, and the lower sheet was glued on to the back. Again, tracing out an image, the silhouette of a woman was made by cutting out the paper within the trace lines; an old earring was added as an embellishment.

So there you go, seven bookmarks made with the simplest of things!

DIY Bookmarks

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