Pass the Pasta!

Good food isn’t hard to come by; it takes patience, knowledge of the right places and mostly, luck. My food journey has led me to different restaurants and eateries that have left me amazed, delighted, disappointed and sometimes, irate. In remembrance of that food-related roller coaster, I write this post, and I write about my tryst with pastas; and no, I’m not going to include the usual ones that we all love from Sunny’s.

So let’s get down to brass tacks! My all-time favourite is a pasta that is in fact, a marriage of colours and flavours that leaves my palate wanting more!I speak of the incredible Summer Pasta Salad at Infinitea, Bangalore.

Summer Pasta Salad - The Happy Pedestrian

Although it bears the salad badge, the Summer Pasta Salad seems like a cheat day treat! I love how beautifully the flavours unfold and just tantalize the taste buds for another portion. However, this one cannot be shared – firstly because you’ll want to devour it yourself, and secondly because it is an entree, which translates into a smaller portion.

The most recent addition to my list of gorgeous pastas, and my current go-to, is Pepper Cafe‘s Grilled Lemon Chilly Garlic Butter Prawns tossed with herbed Pasta. Isn’t that a mouthful! Let’s just call it the Prawn Pasta. This one was a whimsical discovery. I almost always have the Grilled Basa at this place; while on a lunch date, I decided to try something different. And what could be more riskless than a pasta!

Prawn Pasta - The Happy Pedestrian

This beauty of a dish came in a filling portion size and loads of prawns! The pasta isn’t sauce based, so the flavours of the herbs, prawns and veggies really stand out in a gorgeous symphony of taste. I’m in love!

Prawn Pasta - The Happy Pedestrian

The last pasta on the list is the Penne Al Forno from Veekes & Thomas.

Penne Al forno - The Happy Pedestrian

The penne doesn’t come close to the previous two pastas; however, it has its own unique taste. In fact, it was the saving grace of my meal at V&T – the squid rings were terrible, and the ambiance was even more so, to say the least! Thank heavens for the pasta! Neither too saucy nor too dry, this dish was the hero on the fateful day.

Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good.