Oriental Lovin’

Oriental cuisine in India has been completely customized to suit our desi palette – spices and the like dilute the authenticity and uniqueness of the foods of the region. Nonetheless, I relish them and continue to search for more places that can feed my oriental craving! In this quest, I came across a few restaurants in Bangalore that have created a favourable impression on me; places that I would definitely visit over and over again.

The ones listed below are just my most recent visits in no particular order; I had not documented my previous oriental escapades.

Teppan Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar

My first attempt at sushi, Teppan left me quite pleased. I’m not quite adventurous when it comes to food – I like the familiar, the known. In order to break free from self – imposed tastes, I decided to make a dinner date out of the Teppan visit. Result – I can see myself enjoying a maki every now and then!

Sushi - The Happy Pedestrian
Nigiri – Maguro (tuna), Suzuki (sea bass), Tamago (Japanese omelette), and Crab Stick
Sushi - The Happy Pedestrian
Maki – Crispy California (crab stick), Karai Maguro (tuna), Assorted fishes, Shake (salmon)
The Alternative Curator
Ebi Nigiri
The Happy Pedestrian
Shake Maki
The Happy Pedestrian
Samurai Maki – Spiced crab stick, salmon, and avocado rolled with sushi vinegared rice and nori, topped with tempura crunch and crab stick.

Hae Kum Gang

Korean cuisine at its finest, Hae Kum Gang is known for its authentic oriental dishes and a peaceful ambiance. My visit culminated in my enjoying the stir-fried pork, and sea food to the last bite!

Korean Cuisine - The Happy Pedestrian
Onion entree, caramelized potatoes, eggplant tempura, spinach salad, kimchi, and pink cabbage salad.
Korean Cuisine - The Happy Pedestrian
Jeyuk Chulpan – stir fried pork with vegetables, in chilli sauce, on a sizzler plate.
Korean Cuisine - The Happy Pedestrian
Haemul Chulpan – stir fried prawns and squid with vegetables, in chilli sauce, on a sizzler plate.


This little restaurant on Residency Road boasts of a unique concept – pan asian in a box! It’s pretty simple really – you just choose your base, toppings and sauces, just like you would for a pizza. What I love about this concept is that one can try out different combinations to come up with a unique dish each time and unleash your foodie creativity!

I’m a sucker for momos and dimsums; the ones at Wok are divine!

Dim Sum - The Happy Pedestrian
Chicken Dimsums

Peace Restaurant

A little nook sandwiched between two buildings, Peace Restaurant in Koramangala serves pretty good Tibetan cuisine – along the lines of Taste of Tibet, but with a lot more variety!

Tibetan Cuisine - The Happy Pedestrian
Steamed Chicken Momos
Tibetan Cuisine - The Happy Pedestrian
Beef Chilly Fry
Tibetan Cuisine - The Happy Pedestrian
Crispy Lemon Chicken

Now, I’m craving some steaming chicken momos with a chilly sauce dip!

Life itself is the proper binge. – Julia Child

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