Passionate lover of winter, history, animals*, research, and trinkets.

The Happy Pedestrian

When I’m not breaking my back for my gorgeous cat, I work as a brand+account marketer and researcher with a reputed media firm. I am the founder of The Alternative Curator, a blog that focuses generating awareness on cruelty-free brands available in India. I am also the founding member and co-trustee of Little More Love, an organisation that works at bettering the world we live in through little acts of love and kindness.

Often moonlighting as a wing-woman on weekends, I would like to point out that I am above par at fulfilling all responsibilities that the said role encompasses (current success rate is zero, but one can only go higher from here).

This blog is a personal canvas for anything that I can classify into ramblings, craft, food, reads, and travel.

* In an endeavor to fatten the street dogs around my area of residence, please visit my Amazon wishlist, and support my goal to support my adorable fur-babies – Ryan, Rufus, Riley, and Fatty.

The Happy Pedestrian

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