Hello, and welcome to The Happy Pedestrian!

I am Niviya, the resident author/coffee attendant. I work as a marketer and researcher with a media firm, and as a freelance content creator. When I’m not working or breaking my back for my gorgeous cat Ginger, you will find me lounging in my pajamas reading, crafting budget-travel plans, scouring the internet for memes, and making not-necessarily-cool jokes.

This blog serves as a way to chronicle, preserve and share my wanderlust driven-experiences,  budget travel hacks, the larger role that travel plays in our lives, and impressions free from romanticized notions – with the hope that these stories may encourage and inspire others to travel more, and to travel with a heart and soul open to change.

The Happy Pedestrian

Here are some things about me, and about my other projects –

  • I’m an Indian, living in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. I’m willing to argue in favour of the butter masala-dosa at Airlines with anyone who believes they can find a better one elsewhere.
  • A feminist through and through, I started The Happy Pedestrian to document my experiences growing up and being a woman in India. While the blog evolved to include a lot more of my travel and epicurean adventures, it occasionally features writings on feminism, mental health, and lifestyle.
  • My mantra for travel is a combination of keeping it simple, choosing local favourites and recommendations over touristy ‘must-visit’s, and picking budget-friendly options.
  • Animal welfare is my jam! I involve myself in rescuing, sterilizing, and re-homing animals in need*. I co-founded The Alternative Curator, a blog that focuses on leading a cruelty-free lifestyle in India.
  • I’m always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint, so hit me up with tips that you follow to go green.
  • I love reading, although I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like to. Feel free to recommend your favourite books and blogs, and I’ll definitely give them a read!
  • My go-to TV show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I’ve been dying to watch The Office!
  • I really dig continental, Italian, and Lebanese cuisine for mains, and will auto-route to the Indian section for desserts.

I hope you enjoy reading my travel, culinary, and lifestyle pieces as much as I enjoy penning them!

*If you wish to help me out with my animal welfare efforts, please visit my Amazon wishlist, and support my furry rescues.

The Happy Pedestrian

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