Welcome to The Happy Pedestrian!

I am Niviya, the resident author/rambler/coffee attendant. I’m also a passionate lover of Indian
winter, history, animals*, research, and trinkets.The Happy Pedestrian

I’m a Brand & Account Marketer and Researcher with a media firm, and a Freelance Content Creator. I co-founded The Alternative Curator, a blog that focuses on leading a cruelty-free lifestyle in India. I am also the founding member and co-trustee of Little More Love, an organisation that works at bettering the world we live in through little acts of love and kindness.

When I’m not breaking my back for my gorgeous cat Ginger, you will find me lounging in my pajamas reading, crafting travel plans, scouring the internet for memes, and making not-necessarily-cool jokes.

This blog is a personal canvas for anything that I can classify into ramblings, lifestyle, food, reads, and budget travel.

*In an endeavor to fatten the street dogs and cats around my area of residence, please visit my
Amazon wishlist, and support my adorable fur-babies – Ryan, Rufus, Riley, Fatty, Penny, and Tinkerbell.

The Happy Pedestrian

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