Author: Niviya Vas

Vagamon Idukki

How a Weekend in Idukki Changed Us

They say that Nature is the greatest teacher, her immense patience visible in the time a fruit seed takes to sprout, her might manifested in the sheer height of oak trees, her kindness displayed in the sweet familial chirps from a sparrow’s nest, her mirth and beauty visible in the playful flutter of a butterfly’s wings, and her wrath unleashed in tempests that can never be bested. In every movement of a fragile green leaf, in a dew-drop gravitating towards the parched earth, or in the graceful sprint of a fawn, there is life in great measure. Nature also teaches us, through death and decay, that there is hope in even the most hopeless of situations, because it is from this decay that new life is birthed.

Coorg, India

Chasing Coffee Trails in Coorg

Taking a break from the monotony of daily routine is always a good idea. Change is a necessity; else we will find ourselves stuck in the humdrumness of every day. Travelling is a wonderful way to ensure that such change is always a part of our lives. But what if three out of four from a group are always working, and you have a pet cat at home that cannot be left alone for a prolonged period of time? You still take that vacation, but to a place closer to home.

The Happy Pedestrian

Etch A Sketch

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The fourth month of 2018 – I guess time really knows how to fly! To me, this year had a less-than-ideal beginning. I was, and still am dealing with quite a few mental and emotional speedbumps. It took me months of mental agony, self-loathing, and self-doubt to accept that I am going through something that cannot be ignored anymore and something that cannot be addressed in just a day or two. Thus began the first steps towards healing.

New York, New York

Rendezvous With New York

A little over a year ago, I extended my two-week work-trip to include a week of holidaying in New York City. Looking back, I have mixed feelings. I think I visited the urban delight at a wrong time – a bitter winter, snow days, apprehension in the air due to recent political events are just a few things to list out. On the plus side, I reconnected with distant family, learnt the value of relationships, realized the true meaning of home, and made decent use of an opportunity to travel to a new place.