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Stamford, CT

A Winter Restaurant Trail – Stamford

A two-week business-trip to Stamford, Connecticut in January – sounds delightful, doesn’t it? I mean, an almost wholly-sponsored travel opportunity to another country? Yes, please! I was obviously thrilled at this wonderful start to 2017, and while I read and researched quite a bit on where to go, what to wear, and how to commute, I was not mentally prepared for the temperamental weather.

Korean Cuisine - The Happy Pedestrian

Oriental Lovin’

Oriental cuisine in India has been completely customized to suit our desi palette – spices and the like dilute the authenticity and uniqueness of the foods of the region. Nonetheless, I relish them and continue to search for more places that can feed my oriental craving! In this quest, I came across a few restaurants in Bangalore that have created a favourable impression on me; places that I would definitely visit over and over again.

Prawn Pasta - The Happy Pedestrian

Pass the Pasta!

Good food isn’t hard to come by; it takes patience, knowledge of the right places and mostly, luck. My food journey has led me to different restaurants and eateries that have left me amazed, delighted, disappointed and sometimes, irate. In remembrance of that food-related roller coaster, I write this post, and I write about my tryst with pastas; and no, I’m not going to include the usual ones that we all love from Sunny’s.