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Vagamon Idukki

How a Weekend in Idukki Changed Us

They say that Nature is the greatest teacher, her immense patience visible in the time a fruit seed takes to sprout, her might manifested in the sheer height of oak trees, her kindness displayed in the sweet familial chirps from a sparrow’s nest, her mirth and beauty visible in the playful flutter of a butterfly’s wings, and her wrath unleashed in tempests that can never be bested. In every movement of a fragile green leaf, in a dew-drop gravitating towards the parched earth, or in the graceful sprint of a fawn, there is life in great measure. Nature also teaches us, through death and decay, that there is hope in even the most hopeless of situations, because it is from this decay that new life is birthed.

Coorg, India

Chasing Coffee Trails in Coorg

Taking a break from the monotony of daily routine is always a good idea. Change is a necessity; else we will find ourselves stuck in the humdrumness of every day. Travelling is a wonderful way to ensure that such change is always a part of our lives. But what if three out of four from a group are always working, and you have a pet cat at home that cannot be left alone for a prolonged period of time? You still take that vacation, but to a place closer to home.

Fort Kochi

History and Art by the Sea – Kochi

The 2017 edition of Labour Day fell on a Monday, which meant that it would be a long weekend for the working class. Since most of my weekends involve my sitting in my room and binge-listening to 90’s songs while pampering Ginger, the resident kitty, I decided that I need to step out of the confines of my home this time, and I began planning a three-day trip to Hampi in earnest. It so happened that Hampi, already a winter-lover’s nightmare, decided to give Bangalore summer a run for its money by shining satanically at an average temperature of 38 degree Celsius! Just the thought of the number gave me a headache. So a friend and I begrudgingly changed the destination to Kochi (most of the begrudging was on my part, since I did not plan in time to witness the 2016 Kochi-Muziris Biennale).